What to Expect When You Contact Setting Sun Photography

  1. Email, call, or send us a private message on Facebook to let us know you are interested (see the Contact Us tab, above).
  2. We will set up abrief meeting to discuss details of your event and review our customer agreement.
  3. Before your event, we will prepare to make your experience as peaceful and memorable as possible.
  4. Within one week after your photography session, we will email you and provide you access to a full online collection of proofs from your session.
  5. You pick whether you would like to download any (or all) of the photos.  If you would like additional editing on any of the pictures, that is also available.
  6. Digital downloads are available quickly without editing.  The watermark will disappear and you, the customer, will have the right to reproduce downloaded photos as you wish! Edited photos may take additional time, depending on the number of photo edits requested.
  7. Photos will remain available for several weeks.
  8. "Media downloads" are also available for a lower price.  This is great for pictures that you would like to share online, but not necessarily print!  Media downloads will still retain a small watermark from the photographer.
Setting Sun Photography
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